Intercultural Training

70% of all international ventures and collaborations fail due to lack of intercultural awareness. How can cultural differences be understood and managed constructively?

Enhance the probability of success for your foreign ventures!
With the help of intercultural competency you establish a productive work atmosphere and utilise synergetic potentials to the full.

Tailored training guarantees skill transfer into professional practice
Your managers are provided with important information on the historical, social and economic influence of the target country. They will get to know their business partner's culture of negotiation and conversation, and practice how to deal with conflicts. Furthermore they will work out active problem-solving strategies for critical situations.

Benefit from our intercultural know-how
We have been constructing an independent network since 1989 - we are now represented by HILL offices in 19 countries. This means that we know what international business practice demands.

"Intercultural Competency is not simply the capacity to notice cultural differences, it is rather the skill to interpret them correctly and  adjust appropriately. And this skill can be learnt by engaging oneself with a specific culture in a targeted manner."
Klara Parfuss, Intercultural Trainer and Coach, HILL International Headquarters

Would you like to strengthen the intercultural competence in your company? Then simply contact us - we will gladly advise you.