Management Audits

How fit is your management as far as the future of your organisation is concerned? Are the objectives and strategies of your company met by appropriate manager potential?

Employ your company's key players strategically!
You can identify the most important key players by carrying out Management Audits – and simultaneously focus on future challenges to your company. Thus you create transparency and increased added value.

Management Audits enable targeted action
Assess the relevant potential of your managers through objective Analyses of Potential and Interviews. Clear-cut, unerring results guaranteed – so you can thus place and develop your managers in a future-oriented manner.

Experience of 500 Management Audits per year
The HILL Competence Analysis© ensures high quality results and takes intercultural differences into full consideration. Due to the appreciative treatment of all participants we are able to manage intricate processes as well.

"We work in a manner which is simultaneously scientific and person-centred. Thus we are able to present parameters - often elusive in the HR-Business - in such a manner that international top management receives the optimal foundation for their decision making processes."
Elisabeth Leyser, Managing Partner, HILL International Headquarters

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1. Design project in future-oriented manner

  • Analyze company mission statement, objectives, and strategies
  • Define objectives of the Audits
  • Compile requirement profiles
  • Define competency groups

2. Create commitment

  • Inform all assessed managers of objectives and procedures
  • (Perhaps) inclusion through kick-off event

3. Analyse management potentials

  • Conduct partially structured In-depth Interviews
  • Apply HILL Competence Analysis©
  • Possibly apply procedures such as Assessment Centres

4. Develop solutions

  • Compose written expert reports
  • Carry out personal feedback dialogues
  • Compilation of general ranking
  • Elicit employee placement recommendations
  • If necessary, elaboration of development plans