Unsolved conflicts and arguments use up a lot of money, time and energy. There are many suggestions for solutions but they don’t always live up to their promises.

Create lasting solutions for conflicts and save time and energy
Mediation leads the conflicting parties back on track quickly and purposefully – the negative loop is interrupted and a productive cooperation is made possible (again)!

Find a common denominator and make room for purposeful consensus finding
Together, consensual solutions are developed through impartial support during the mediation process. Arrangements for further proceedings are made and their results are evaluated.

"No company is conflict-free. With targeted mediation held by an external and neutral person one can manage to change dead-end situations into a positive outcome. That saves a lot of money, nerves and time!"
Eva Prestl, Mediator, HILL International Headquarters

Would you like to solve conflicts in a constructive way? Then simply contact us – we will gladly advise you!

1. Create commitment

  • Have first conversations
  • Define circle of individuals
  • Analyse conflict

2. Clarify problems

  • Develop theme catalogue
  • Moderate discussion of problems
  • Investigate points of view
  • Formulate individual needs

3. Find Consensus

  • Develop options for solutions together
  • Make arrangements for further proceedings
  • Evaluation & aftercare