Organizational Diagnosis

Do you get your car serviced annually? You should do the same for your company!

Ensure that your organization is optimally prepared for future challenges 
Allow a HILL Organisation Diagnosis to be carried out on your enterprise. Locate success factors and bring mood-climate, communication structures and the predominant corporate culture to light!

A well-founded basis for cost-conserving management decisions 
Disclose the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation. Implement these new insights as targeted action plans and qualified optimisation measures! 

"Since 1996, my employees and I have undergone an Othmar Hill "Organisation shower" once or twice a year. In these workshops we liberate ourselves from the communicative slag which inevitably accumulates during all forms of close collaboration. The intensive experiences with HILL experts have become indispensable components of our corporate hygiene: Brush your teeth twice a day, go to HILL twice a year."
Dr. Hannes Sonnberger, Business Coach & former CEO BBDO Austria

1. Create commitment

  • Inform employees before project begin
  • Road show and corporate kick-off

2. Establish design

  • Elicit specific needs of enterprise
  • Conceptualise appropriate form of data collection

3. Presentation of results and measures

  • Detailed presentation to management
  • Recommendation of target & result oriented measures
  • Presentation of highlights to employees

4. Establish optimisation measures

  • Support the collective compilation of catalogue of measures
  • Define sensible & realistic priorities
  • Establish measurement criteria