Discharging employees is a very sensitive issue, however, it has become all the more relevant due to increased competition pressures.

Create a culture of fair discharge and parting!
By treating employees in an appreciative manner, you demonstrate corporate social responsibility and assist the fresh starts of those affected. You simultaneously strengthen your company’s image and the work atmosphere.

Lasting support to facilitate swift reorientation and re-entry into the labour market 
Individual and group measures increase motivation and reveal prospective vocational perspectives. Tailored packages offer the affected individuals emotional relief and specialized assistance. Thus you facilitate the re-entry process.

Recruiting Specialist with longstanding experience as career consultant 
Due to our very own branch for personal career consulting - HILL Individual - we possess longstanding competency and excellent contacts to employers and public institutions. 


Individual measures

  • Personal job application training
  • Coaching
  • Career planning
  • Analyses of potential

Group measures

  • Job application workshops
  • Group coaching

HILL Hotline

  • Continued HILL accompaniment in reorientation phase