Pre- and Post-Merger Consulting

Transitional processes call for particular attentiveness - especially when two different corporate cultures merge with one another. Even if the figures add up, the emotional side remains of decisive importance for the merger’s success.

Benefit from all synergetic potentials of your merger! 
Pre- and Post-Merger Consulting enables you to combine the best of both corporate worlds. By including all participants into the merger process you create a positive attitude towards change. The consequence is higher levels of acceptance, trust and commitment.

Targeted fusion of corporate cultures creates stability.
Corporate Culture Analysis and Management Audits highlight differences and similarities of - and opportunities for the affected organisations and managers. Benefit from a tailored programme which enables you to utilize the potentials at all organisational levels created by the newly developed structures.  Business potential integration utilizes synergies and creates stability.

"Many corporate fusions fail due to neglect of the human factor. Not only does the unique personality structure of individual organisation members play a decisive role, so too does the company culture and - in the case of cross-border ventures - the respective national culture as well. By taking all these different levels of contemplation into consideration, we create an "immune system" which benefits the entire new complex. Furthermore, the integration process is quickened, becomes more promising and less "painful" for all parties involved." 
Othmar Hill, Founder and President of HILL International